Lawyers Nepal

Rammaya Lamichhane(Ms.)

: Kaski, pokhara
Contact No
Mobile No
: 9841503615
Law Firm
: Pairabi Kanooni Sewa
Practice Area
: Gender & Human rights, Lecturer


  • Master's degree in Law, Subject on Human Rights & Gender Justicefrom KSL P.U. 
  • Post Graduate degree in Women Study from Padma Kanya Campus TU.
  • Master's degree in political science. Prithivinarayan Multiple Campus. TU


3. Work Experience:

  • Lawyer, Pleader and Advocate since 2058
  • Legal Advisor in different institution
  • Lacturer for LLM at Chakrabati Law Collage. PU . Since2012




  1. Consultant to prepare “Strategy plan of National Information  Commission 2012”
  2. Study/research on “Custody monitoring for need to support the Training, material, infrastructure so on so as Human rights” for police, police office & Custody victim.
  3. Defend Lawyer: “Legal & Social counselling to Custody's victim on violence & social excluded group (more than 500 clients).
  4. Paper presenting & Commentator in many programmers


Public Issue Litigation.

Renounce PIL at Supreme Court




Lecture (part time):

  • Lecture for LLM on Subject of Nepalese Law on Gender in  Chakrabati  HABI  Education Academy Collage
  • Lecture for MA Gender Study in PADMAKANYA Campus 
  • Lecture for LLB national Law Collage
  • Lecture Mass Communication and Journalism Collage
  • Working as Legal Advisor, paper presents& Commentator in different institutions


5.        Publication: “Women Violence & Gender Justice- Nepalese Context” Academic and research Book (for LLM level)

Articles -

  1. Article on Gender discrimination  weekly paper  Chalphal
  2. Transactional justices  –weekly paper Chalphal
  3. Detainees Rights –weekly paper Chalphal 3 time
  4. Question of the restructure to the civil society– weekly paper Chalphal
  5. Role of the government in human rights –weekly paper  Chalphal
  6. Contemporary Question to Human Rights  Gorkhapatra 2064.8.2
  7. Discrimination within protection ApproachGorkhapatra 064.8.3
  8. Name on service but practice on papaya Gorkhapatra 064.10.12     
  9. Social Justice & Women Violence 
  10. World Women Conflict & Nepal Gorkhapatra 065.12.2
  11. Legal Advisor in different Organizations