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Usha Malla Pathak

: , Kathmandu
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: 977-1-4262954; 4359945
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: 9841545857
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Practice Area
: Civil, Criminal, Business, Family

DESIGNATION                     Advocate, Supreme Court, Nepal, since, 1989.                                                          Sr.vice-president, Nepal Bar Association (2016-)

EDUCATION                       :   L.L.M. BITL , KSL , P.U. Nepal,  2013

                                                                 M.A. Political science, Trivuban University, Kirtipur

                                                                 Nepal, in 1996.

                                                                 M.P.A.,Fiscal Administration, T.U. Nepal, in 1995.

                                                                 Bachelor's Degree in Law,T.U. Nepal,  in 1989.

                                                                 Intermediate in Law, T.U. Nepal, in 1985

                                                                 SLC, HMG, BOARD


7.         TRAINING  ATTENED     :    NATIONAL

Training of Trainers (TOT) in Gender and Mediation, The Asia Foundation,  September

 2-6, 2014.

            Leadership Training For Leaders(TOT) – Senior Level, Born Global (Norwegian

            Organization) Module 1, 2, 3 and Master Class , During 2012 – 2013.

            Advanced Training on Court Cases Mediation, National Judicial Academy, June 17-20,


            Advanced Refresher Mediation Training , Mediators Beyond Borders, International (MBB)

            and Nepal Mediators' Society (NEMS), July 5-6, 2012.

            Completed 40 hour Advanced Mediation Training Program, Mediators Beyond Borders,

            International (MBB) and Nepal Mediators' Society (NEMS), May 27-31, 2011.


            Completed five days (40 hours), Court Cases Mediation Programme, UNDP / Enhancing

            Access to Justice     Project , 26 Nov. 2007.

            Advance Training of Trainers (ATOT) on International  Human Rights and

            Humanitarian Law, International  Commission of Jurist ( ICJ), Nepal Bar Association,

            27- 30 May 2007

            Training on Globalization and WTO: Impacts & Perspectives for Nepal, ActionAid

            International Nepal, Supreme Court Bar Association, 10-11  Nov.2006.

            Gender Based Violence (GBV) Training for Service Provider, Family Planning

            Association of Nepal / DFID, 16th - 19th  March 2006.

            Training Program on Revinue and Trade Law, RAS Project/ DANIDA, Nepal Law

            Society at Nagarkot, Nepal,  3 -5 Dec.2004.

            Human Rights Monitoring Volunteers Training, National Human Right commission,

            Harihar Bhawan, Ktm. Nepal,19-21 December 2003.              

          Community Mediation: Master Trainer's Training Program, (MTOT) The Asia

          Foundation, USAID, IGD at Dhulikhel, Nepal, 1-12 June 2003.

          Basic Mediation Training-Community Based Mediation,  ABA-UNDP, International

            Legal  Resource Center,  at  Nagarkot, Nepal, 4-5 October 2002.

Training of Trainers (TOT), SUSS at Kathmandu Nepal, 8-10 July 1998.           

Strengthening Networking and Coalition-Building For the Empowerment of Women ,

The Asia Foundation- USAID at Kathmandu Nepal, 4-6 June 1996.

Training  of  Trainers  (TOT),   SUSS   at Pokhara Nepal 15-21 June 1992. 



The Fourth Annual Asian Human Rights Training and Study Session, FORUM ASIA and CSDS at Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand, 22nd Oct.-11th Nov. 2000,

Women and World Religion, IWS, ISIS,     Lutharan World Service, Dhulikhel,

Nepal, 15-22 March 1996.     

The Reunion-Evaluation for ICWS, Institute of women's studies (IWS)  at Tagaytay

City,   Philippines, 1-21 June 1994.

            Intercultural  course on  Women and Society, Institute of women's studies (IWS) at

            Manila, Philippines, 1st Sept.-30th Nov. 1992.


CONFERENCE ATTENED :   The Twenty-third Special session of the UN

            General    Assembly, "Women 2000; Gender  Equality Development and Peace for

            the twenty first Century" UNO, at New York USA, 5-9 June  2000.


OBSERVATION  VISITED:  Calcutta Port (India), Chittagong Port (Bangladesh) , 2012



            Member:  Supreme Court Bar Association, 1989-Present. 

            Board Member:  Nepal Nursing Council (2006- 2009)  

            Board Member : School Management Committee Santi Shikshya Mandir High  School,


            Board Member : School Management Committee Kanya Mandir Higher secondery 

             School,  (2003-2011). 

            Treasurer :  SUSS ( Service for Unprivileged Section of Society  (2008-present).

            Executive Member : RDF/N (Rural Development   Foundation/Nepal, (2002-Present.)



            EXPERIENCE                     :     Nepal.



            OF PROFICIENCY               :     Language           Read                   Spoken       Written

Newari / Nepali      Mother tongue

English  ,            Excellent          V Good         V Good


            Private Practicing Lawyer of Nepal; Court Practicing in Home Country as a Defense

            Lawyer of the concern cases since, 1989.


            Freelancer Trainer; Conducting Training on Legal, Human right, Women right,

            Leadership, Gender, Mediation, Trauma Counseling and other various training programs in

            various NGOs and INGOS as a  Training Expert, since, 1992 .


            Mediator:  Supreme Court of Nepal, since 2006.


            Lecturer;  BBA, IB&MS ( Institute of Banking and Management Studies, Bharatiyar

            University Affiliated ) , Shankhamul, Lalitput , since 2015


Conducted Training Programs :   The main responsibilities for Training Programs

             are to prepare content, training modules,  manual and conduct trainings. Some  conducted

             trainings are mention  here:

              A. Training on Law, Human Rights, Women Empowerment,  Leadership etc. :  

                   Since 1990

                  Legal  Training Expert : SUSS, NEBA, FOURPEN;  Legal Literacy  Program / Legal

         Awareness Program/ Para Legal Training program/  Legal Facilitators Training          program: It is a service rendered on community , Regional or Zonal basis. This      programs includes people in rural area of the remote parts, women activist in different                  political parties, social mobilizers and social workers of the different parts and Local     Officials in different local NGOs of the different parts of the Country and producing publications aimed on providing legal knowledge and some legal drafting knowledge by which they can solve local problems.

              Resource Person : ILO;    Para Legal Training: This training is only for Social

              Mobilize and Local Officials of ILO (International Labor Organization). Kathmandu.


               Resource Person, UMN, AGNW Workshop on Women Acting Together for Change:

              (Women Human Rights Training Workshop): This training Workshop is for Social

               Mobilize and Local Officials of UMN. Dhulikhel  Nepal. ( 1994 )

              Resource Person; UNDP: Basic Mediation Training for Attorneys in Court-Annexed

              Cases. This Training is for Lawyers and District Judges of Nepal. Nagarkot, Bhaktapur.

              (2002 )

             Trainer;  Nepal  Law Society: Leadership Development Training for women social

             workers. This training is for potential women candidates for Local Self Govt. of

             Nuwakot, Dhading, Dhankuta, Jhapa and Sangja  District. (2002 )

            Resource Person; USC/N: Social Development Training Program. This Training

             Program includes six months diploma courses on social development and series of other

            shorts courses is designed especially for the university graduates, NGO leaders and

             development practitioners. (Since 2003)

             Trainer; Rural Development Foundation (RDF/N):  Training for women voters at local

              level. This training is for women voters of three VDCs  of Nuwakot and Rautahat 

             District. ( Since 2007)

             Trainer : NG (Nepal Govt.) Judicial Training Centre: 5 weeks In-service Training

              Program. This training is for Nepal Government officers. Kathmandu (2007)


            B.  Training on Trauma Counseling :

                 Trainer;  NEBA (Nepal Bar Association): Basic   Training Program of skill

                  development for new lawyers. This training is for women lawyers and new comers

                  lawyers of Nepal. Biratnagar. (2005)

                 Trainer; NJA ( National Judicial Academy): Art of Drafting and Art of Pleading. This

                  training is for new comers lawyers of Nepal. Kathmandu.( Since 2007)


             C.  Training on Mediation :

                   Lead Trainer :  Mediation Council  and SUSS ; Basic Mediation Training. This

                   Training is for, Court official, VDC secretaries and social workers of Narayani

                   Zone (2014).

                   Trainer; Supreme Court, NEBA  and Kathmandu District Court Bar Association : Basic

                   Mediation Training. This Training is for, Lawyers of Kathmandu District, (2013).

                   Trainer; Appellate Court, Janakpur and Nepal Mediator' Society : Basic Mediation

                   Training. This Training is for Judicial officials and Lawyers of Janakpur District. (2012).

                   Trainer; Appellate Court, Baglung and Nepal Mediator' Society : Basic Mediation

                   Training. This Training is for Judicial officials, Lawyers and Social Workers of

                   Baglung, Parbat and Mustang District. (2010).

       Trainer; UNDP, Enhancing Access to Justice, A 2 Z Program: ( Community

        Mediation and Legal Empowerment Training ). This training is for Local Mediators

        of Rolpa and  Kailali District. (2007)

                   Trainer; SUSS: Community Mediation Training Program. This Training is for

                    Potential  Local Mediators of Local self Govt. of  Kaski District.  Pokhara,  Kaski .

                    ( 2003 )

                   Trainer; IFCD : Enhancing Access to Justice Program  –Community Mediation

                   Training Program. This Training is for Community Mediator (Mukhiyas) of  Mustang

                   District. Jomsom, Mustang. (2002)

Research Projects :

          Legal Researcher, Nepal Law Society; "The Enforcement of the Protection of Human

          Rights in Nepal Projects".( 1993-1995)

           Researcher, RDF/N, "Sustainable Communitywide Organization Building in The Rural

           Areas of Nepal Projects.( April-September 2002)

Election Observer :

            National  Election Observer: GEOC (General Election Observation Committee): Historic

            Constitutional Assembly Election in Nepal . (2008) and (2013)

            National Election Observer ; NEOC ( National Election Observation Committee),

            FOPHUR (Forum for Protection of Human Rights), NLS (Nepal Law Society): National

            Election, Mid term Election and Local Election of Nepal. (1991, 1994, 1998)

Human Right volunteer ; National Human Right Commission : This volunteer  work is

            for Human Right Monitoring of victims of Bara, Parsa and Rautahat District  (26, Dec.

            2003- 14, Jan. 2004. )    


  Drafting Consultant  :

            Gender Report drafting consultant : CBA-NEBA, DDN project, Nepal Bar Association :

            ( drafted reports on women in law gender report, " Ringing the Equality Bell" published in

            August 2009)

            Legal Expert; Safe Motherhood and Newborn Health Bill Draft committee, Nepal Govt.

            Ministry of Health and Population:  2008 ( Bill drafted on Safe Motherhood and newborn

            health, Process on parliament ).

            Expert; RDF/N: Sectoral Devolution Implementation Plan, Project: ( drafted Study reports

            on Sectoral Devolution Strategy and Assessment on Capacity Building of local Bodies)

            published in 2005. 


Chief Editor;  Rural development Bulletin : publication of Rural Development Foundation

            (RDF/N), Babarmahal, Kathmandu,  2007- 2009.    


Publications :

            Involved  in written on  Handbook: "Leadership Development For political women

members"  including topics such as human rights, legal rights, social justice, gender,

election, constitution assembly etc. Published by RDF/N 2007

            Written on Booklet:  About Human Rights, Women Human Rights and Children's Human

Rights of Nepal . Published by Nepal  Law Society. 1993-1995

Published various Articles on law , Presentation of various working paper in various Lawyers conferences and other National and International Seminars / Conferences.