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Raju Thapa

: Maitidevi-33, Kathmandu
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: 977-9851000163
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Ph.D. in Crisis Management (Mewar University) Running

M. A. in Human Rights and Duties Education (University of Madras)

M. A. in Conflict, Peace & Development (Tribhuvan University)

M. A. in Political Science (Tribhuvan Universtiy)

M.A. in Sociology (Tribhuvan University)

LL. B.(Tribhuvan University)

B.A. (Tribhuvan University)

Work Experience:


1. National Consultant                August 2015 - Present
    UNDP Nepal
    Conflict Prevention Programme, UNDP
    3rd Floor, KSK Building, POB 108 Pulchowk
    Lalitpur, Nepal
    Tel: 977-1-5010135 Ext. 123

    (The Conflict Prevention Programme under UNDP aims to ensure successful and harmonious transition, where national and local leaders able to find common ground on complicated and sensitive issues. The programme aims to equip leaders with technical skills to engage in dialogue and mediation, as well as create opportunities for leaders of diverse viewpoints to explore each other’s perspectives and forge new understandings.)

2. Vice-General Secretary                July 2015 - Present
    Nepal Center for Disaster, Management
    Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal
    Opposite the UN Building
    G.P.O. Box 4058
    Telephone 1: 977-1-5010098
    Email :

    (Nepal Centre for Disaster Management (NCDM) has been working in the field of disaster management since its inception in 2002. It empowers the people and enhancing the capacity of the local communities in disaster preparedness and management through various activities.)


3. External Evaluator                    November 2014 - February 2015
    Integrated Community Development Movement Nepal
    Mahadevsthan-3, Thankot, Kathandu
    Phone : 977-1-4312805

    (Integrated Community Development Movement Nepal (ICODEMON), a non-profit making non-governmental organization, was established in 2000 in Nepal aiming at improving the life of most vulnerable people through implementing various activities in the field of education, health, economy and research. ICODEMON has implemented a Program funded by Grand Challenge Canada on road safety recently.)

4. Board Member                        June 2013 - till date
    Director of Admin and Management            June 2013 - May 2014    
    Institute of Crisis Management Studies
    (TU Affiliated Master Degree Program)
    Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu
    Phone : 977-1-4008181, Fax : 977-1-4008182

    (The Institute of Crisis Management Studies offers a Tribhuvan University affiliated Master's Degree program on crisis management studies. It has a combination of best national and international scholars, practitioners and experts in the diverse areas of crisis management.)

5. Executive Committee Member                June 2005 - till date    
    Human Rights Without Frontiers, International
    Avenue Winston Churchill 11/33
    1180 Brussels, Belgium
    Phone : +32-2-3456145, Fax : +32 2 3437491

    (Human Rights Without Frontiers, International is an international human rights organization dedicated to promote and protect human rights, democracy, press freedom and rule of law around the world.)

6. Executive Director                        Dec 2011- till date
    President                            Nov 2004 - Dec 2011
    General Secretary                        July 2002 - Nov 2004
    Member                            June 2000 - July 2002
    Human Rights Without Frontiers, Nepal
    P.O. Box  : 10660, Maitidevi-33, Kathmandu
    Phone : 977-1-4442367, Fax : 977-1-4415878

    (Human Rights Without Frontiers, Nepal is a dynamic organization dedicated to materialize democratic process and culture of peace though protection, promotion and respect of human rights according to the international standard and practice.)

7.  Tribhuvan University CNAS-HiPeC Project            February 2012 - till date
    Research Fellow
    Tribhuvan University
    Center for Nepal and Asian Studies
    Kritipur, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Phone : 977-1-4332078
    (CNAS is a statutory research centre under TU for conducting independent research and deliberation on issues and studies in social sciences. The main substantive activity at the Centre is carried out by the research wings called Faculty while the administrative and documentation centre provide support services. CNAS is a multidisciplinary research centre with a team of 16 full-time researchers.)
8. Executive Committee Member                 December 2006 - Dec 2009    
    Human Rights Home
    P.O.Box: 23424, Ekantakuna, Lalitpur
    Phone : 977-1- 5541502, Fax: 977-1- 5000158
    (Human Rights Home (HRH) is an umbrella organization of 41 different human rights organizations which provide space and initiative that aims to bring together human rights organizations and defenders to form a broad, inclusive, and impartial alliance to develop mechanisms for the security of human rights defenders, to bridge the gap of civil diplomacy on human rights between national and international human rights communities, and to serve as a safe and enabling environment in which human rights defenders can work effectively.)


1. Thapa, R., (2014). Liberation Induced Conflict: The Case of Kamaiya Emancipation in Nepal. Journal of Indian Research, 2(2), 113-124.

    (The Kamaiya (bonded labor) problem is the most prevalent among the Tharu community that inhabits the Mid-and Far-Western lowland of Nepal where landlessness, low level of human capital development, and lack of employment opportunities contributed to this exploitative form of employment. On 17 July 2000, the government made a landmark decision to outlaw bonded labour system. However, the careless and unplanned manner in which the government announced to free Kamaiya has further victimized them. This study intends to find out the various aspects of the liberated Kamaiya and its possible consequences on generating conflict.)

2. Thapa, R., (2010) Comparative Analytical Study on Human Rights Violation by State and Non-State Actors in the Post-Conflict Situation, Kathmandu: Human Rights Without Frontiers, Nepal.

    (General public had great aspiration after the comprehensive peace accord (CPA) regarding restoration of human rights and peace. But extra-judicial killing, beating, threatening, abduction have been continuing in the district by both state and non-state actors. Whatever little effort has been made by some human rights defenders and other research workers, they have hardly addressed themselves to the emerging problem of real situation of human rights of the Lamjunge people. In this connection researcher has conducted a comparative analytical study to identify the real human rights situation of Lamjunge people who are in the fear of extra-judicial killing, beating, threatening and abduction even after CPA. Considering these entire scenario this report attempts to provide the glimpse of the human right violation by the state and non-state actors in Lamjung district.)

3. Thapa, R. & Adhikari, I.P.(2009). Human Rights and Justice in Bhutan, Shadow Report on First Universal Periodic REview of Bhutan. Kathmandu: Human Rights Without Frontiers, Nepal & Association of Press Freedom Activities, Bhutan.

    (The book Human Rights and Justice in Bhutan provides vivid glimpse of the gross human rights violations in a country where "gross national happiness" is supposedly the guiding principle. The book covers incidents beginning with the 1990s suppression, followed by the political changes and actions thereafter. It also counters the claims made by the Royal Government of Bhutan in its report prepared for first universal review of Bhutan in Human Rights Commission. Substantive details of human rights violations are included in book and state failure to adhere by its legal obligation to protect the rights of its citizens is clearly reflected. The book mainly focuses on gross human rights violation by government authority ignoring the provision of international treaties which Bhutan is state party.)

5. Published numbers of articles, fact finding reports on contemporary issues in different newspaper and magazine.